June 20, 2008:
    Yeah!!! I got my copy of my apprenticeship contract!
    No it's for certain, that I have an apprenticeship.
    And now I will have a job from the August 1, 2008 on.
    Ooohhh I'm so happy about that!

June 24, 2008:
    Today I signed a Building Savings Contract.
    With it I can save some money, if I wanna build my own house.
    I also can use it to buy a car. But I'm not sure,
    what I will do with it.
    Most likely I will use it for a trip to America.

July 5, 2008:
    Today I had a wonderful big barbecue!
    It was for my apprenticeship,
    and there were so many people.
    Anyway, I missed some people at the barbecue.
    If it would have been possible,
    I had invited them!

July 18, - 20, 2008