May 18, 2008:
    Wow, today was the most wonderful day at meeting!
    I met someone I haven't seen for 12 years.
    When I saw her smile I was enchanted,
    I've never seen such charming smile before!
    She was the first person I really could speak to in English.
    It was an awesome experience!

May 21, 2008:
    The Peters family visited us and it was wonderful to see them again
    especially Marisa and her little sister Jasmin
    It was nice to get to know Jasmin and
    I still get to know her better and better
    All in all it was fabulous!

May 15, 2008:
    I signed my contract for my apprenticeship as a plumber.
    I was so happy to hold it in my hands, it was a wonderful feeling.
    And yes, welcome to the world of workers, Mirco!