June 2, 2008:
    I decided to take an insurance at the AOK
    Now I'm not in trouble with it anymore.
    And well yeah I lost a really heavy load!

June 7, 2008:
    This weekend I slept at my friend and at the beginning it was nice.
    But on Saturday, I thought about someone and worried,
    if I would see this person again.
    I always think about that cause I'm so anxious about it!

June 9, 2008
    Today I bought a camera for my trip to America!
    I think it was a nice deal with 6.0 Megapixel and I bought it for 75$!
    I hope I'll take some nice pictures there.
    Oh and I found a nice MP3-Player for me but I haven't bought it.
    Maybe I'll do it later.
    Well I'm back from shopping. The camera is fantastic,
    but I need a memory card and I wanna have a protective cover for it.